Ear Savers

Earsavers for first responders

My name is Nickolai and I print stuff on а 3D printer. Besides toys and trinkets, I wanted to apply my skills to do something useful and help people who serve others. I have given my earsavers to the Vancouver Fire Rescue Services, St. Paul’s Hospital, staff and teachers at my school, General Gordon Elementary and several other groups.

My goal is to give away 1000 – if you are an essential worker, please contact me. Earsavers are small, plastic objects are shaped like a headband with hooks on each end to grab the retaining strings on the masks. They’re used to hold safety masks in place behind the wearer’s head without having to rely on their ears.

My goal

Ear savers have helped


First responders including:



it started out with one idea to help people who serve others in these trying times and to inspire others to do the same. I want to thank people who wanted to help me with this project.  Under the GUI Kitsilano, especially Reid who helped me printing more and teach me how to do it, and Iain Griesdale with help building the website.


This project started with a conversation with my aunt who is a nurse in ER. She said that wearing face masks during twelve-hour shift is hard and I wanted to help. I’ve been interested in coding and robotics for several years now and I learned how to print on 3D printer over the summer.

I wanted to help essential workers by making earsavers to help relieve the ear tension from masks. My goal is to help the community and inspire others to do something positive, no matter how big or small, in these trying times.

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YouTube Channel:  3D earsavers

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